Hello once again, Golden Knights!

We are one day closer to the opening of school! And even closer to having the opportunity for all of you to meet with your teachers and truly beginning to create those strong relationships.

With that in mind, we are excited to provide information on next week’s pre-orientation meetings. All students will have multiple opportunities to meet with their teachers, begin to understand where they must go to join online class, and begin to learn about our learning management system, Blackbaud.

Here are a few notes on the schedule for next week.

· Lower School

o Monday, August 30: Grades Pre – 5 will have 30 minute small group meetings with their teachers. These will take place between 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM. The Admission Team will confirm you for one of these times. We will provide links to join these meetings once confirmed.

o Tuesday, August 31: Grades Pre – 5 will meet as full grades with teachers

· Middle School

o Monday, August 30: Grade 6 will meet with all classes and teachers.

o Tuesday, August 31: Grade 7 will meet with all classes and teachers

o Wednesday, September 1: Grade 8 will meet with all classes and teachers

· The full schedule for all grades is attached as “Pre-Orientation Meeting Schedule”

As well, we have attached several resources for you to explore and review. Each will be discussed throughout orientation and the beginning of school.

Student Handbook

Distance Learning Guide (including Online Learning Schedule)

English as Additional Language (EAL) Program

We look forward to seeing you on Friday and next week as classes!

Best wishes,

JD Rogers

Associate Head of School – Admission & Marketing

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