At SNA Marianapolis, we believe that learning by doing is an essential practice in preparing students for life outside of primary school, secondary school, university and beyond. Our co-curricular approach to instruction enhances the traditional classroom approach with “real world” skill sets.

The Experiential Learning Program (EL) is an exciting chance for students to create lifelong friendships while engaged in truly unique learning opportunities. In tandem with the goals of the SNA Marianapolis mission, this program is designed to reflect a richness of a broad spectrum of interests. The program offers multiple day trips during the school year, primarily on Sundays. While the events are required for all new students, international students, and student leaders, all SNA Marianapolis students are welcome to sign up for any EL activity.

The 2021-2022 SNA Marianapolis EL curriculum is still in development. To explore the EL programming that has been a hallmark of Marianapolis’ offerings in the USA, please flip through the catalog below.