• Having Fun: Summer camp is all about laughter, games, and making memories that students will cherish for a lifetime.​
  • Making Friends: It’s a chance for them to meet new people, and form friendships that can last far beyond the summer.​
  • Building Confidence: They will tackle challenges, overcome obstacles, and learn to believe in themselves, building confidence and resilience along the way.​
  • Being Creative: They have the freedom to express themselves and let their imaginations run wild.​
  • Learning 21st Century Skills: From teamwork and communication to problem-solving and decision-making, campers gain valuable life skills that will serve them well beyond the summer.​
  • Trying New Things: Whether it’s team building, dance, or cooking, they get to step out of their comfort zones and discover new interests and talents.​




In the process of imparting knowledge and honing skills for the students, the international teachers at SNA Marianapolis integrate various advanced teaching methods to enhance students’ understanding and retention, as well as facilitate the application of learned knowledge into real-life situations. Below are some of the methods our teachers employ in their lessons.

  • Project-based Learning (PBL) revolves around immersing in practical projects aimed at addressing real-life issues. Rather than passively absorbing information, students actively engage by delving into subjects of their interest, brainstorming innovative solutions, and putting their ideas into action.
  • Interdisciplinary Approach involves integrating multiple disciplines or subject areas into a cohesive learning experience. It emphasizes connections between different fields of study, allowing students to see how concepts, skills, and perspectives from various disciplines intersect and complement each other, fostering a holistic understanding of complex issues.
  • Learning by Doing is an experiential learning approach where students learn through active engagement in real-world tasks or activities. Students actively participate, experiment, and apply concepts in practical contexts, which enhances their understanding and retention of knowledge.
  • Teamwork Time refers to dedicated periods during the learning process where students collaborate in groups to achieve specific learning objectives or complete tasks. It provides opportunities for students to develop teamwork skills, communication, and problem-solving abilities while working towards common goals, fostering a cooperative learning environment.
  • Reflection Station is a designated space or activity where students engage in self-reflection and metacognition to deepen their understanding of learning experiences. It may involve journaling, discussion prompts, or guided questions to help students reflect on their learning process, achievements, challenges, and areas for growth, fostering self-awareness and continuous improvement.









Elementary school

Secondary school


Theme “Beyond The Stars”

·       Space Art Installation

·       Space-inspired Fashion Design

·       Lunar Landscape Painting

·       Space-themed Music Composition

·       Celestial Choir Performance

·       Planetary Percussion Ensemble


·       Space-themed Dance Performance

·       Moonwalk Exploration

·       Spacewalk Improvisation

·       Alien Encounter Dance Party

Encourage students to engage in a variety of space-themed activities such as exploring and creating solar system mobiles, crafting constellations or rocket ships, and conducting science experiments, etc.

These activities integrate many subjects and different types of skills.


Subjects: Science, Astronomy, Geology, Physics, Art, Literature, …


Soft Skills: Creativity, Scientific Inquiry Storytelling, Teamwork, Fine Motor Skills, Observational Skills, …

Study a comprehensive space-themed curriculum encompassing activities like designing brochures, illustrating celestial bodies, scripting interviews with astronauts, writing short stories, crafting posters about specific planets, building spacecraft models, and exploring mathematical concepts through space-themed art projects.


Subjects: Science, Astronomy, Engineering, Data Analysis, Math, Physics, Art, Literature, …


Soft Skills: Creativity, Scientific Inquiry Teamwork, Problem-solving, and Critical Thinking Skills, …



Theme “Around The Wonders”

Secondary school

·       Mixed Media Collage

·       Architectural Sketching

·       Watercolor Landscapes

·       Sculpting Landmarks

·       Cultural Textile Art

·       Travel Journal Illustrations


Elementary school

·       Self-designed Postcards

·       3D Model Wonders

·       Landmark Sketching

·       Cultural Artifacts Collage

·       Natural Wonders Watercolor Paintings

·       Monumental Mosaics

·       Wonders of the World Pop-Up Books



·       World Music Exploration

·       Songwriting

·       Musical Storytelling

·       Instrumental Soundscapes

·       Cultural Dance Exploration

·       Choreography

·       Environmental Movement Exploration

·       World Tour Dance Party

·       Mythical Creature Movement Story

·       Dance Mapping

Engage students in a multifaceted exploration of wonders of the world through research, design challenges, preservation projects, scientific investigations, documentary film production, model building, and hands-on activities, fostering interdisciplinary learning, creativity and appreciation for cultural heritage and natural phenomena.


Subjects: Math, Art, Geology, History, Architect, …


Soft Skills: Scientific Inquiry, Storytelling, Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving Skills, Fine Motor Skills, Imagination and Spatial Reasoning Skills, …

·       Geological Investigations

·       Environmental Conservation Projects

·       Historical Reconstruction

·       Artistic Interpretations

·       Mathematical Modeling

·       Travel Brochure 

·       Infographic

·       Time Capsule

·       Scale Model


Subjects: Ecology, Geology, History, Math, Digital Art, …


Soft Skills: Creativity, Teamwork, Problem-solving, and Critical Thinking Skills, …


Theme “Under The Sea”

·       Watercolor Seascapes

·       Mixed Media Collage

·       Clay Sculptures

·       Printmaking

·       Digital Art

·       Mural Painting


·       Soundscapes of the Ocean

·       Composing Music

·       Instrument Building

·       Exploring Aquatic Instruments

·       Listening and Analysis

·       Exploring Movement Qualities

·       Creating Underwater Creatures

·       Adventure Story

·       Obstacle Course

·       Freeze Dance

·       Dance Performance



Encourage students to engage in an immersive exploration of aquatic ecosystems and ocean-related activities to promote interdisciplinary learning and environmental consciousness including building submarine models, conducting underwater science experiments, researching ocean animals, etc.


Subjects: Ecology, Math, Science, 3D Design, Art, Physics, Literature, …


Soft skills: Creativity, Storytelling, Teamwork, Social skills, Scientific inquiry skills, Cognitive skills, …

Immerse students in diverse topics including aquatic ecosystems, engineering, mathematics, marine research, coral reefs, habitat design, pollution, robotics, and art installations, promoting interdisciplinary learning and environmental consciousness.


Subjects: Ecology, Engineering, Math, Physics, 3D Design, Art, …


Soft Skills: Creativity, Data Analysis, Teamwork, Problem-solving, and Critical Thinking Skills, …




Theme “Into The Future”

·       Future Earth Collage

·       Eco-Friendly Sculpture Workshop

·       Climate Change Photography Project

·       Interactive Installation on Environmental Resilience

·       Future Earth Animation

·       Environmental Soundscapes Composition

·       Climate Change Songwriting Workshop

·       Musical Instruments from Recycled Materials

·       Earth Day Concert

·       Musical Interpretations of Climate Data

·       Electronic Music and Environmental Sampling

·       Collaborative Eco-Music Ensemble

·       Musical Storytelling of Environmental Narratives

·       Field Recording Expeditions

·       Environmental Music Videos


·       Nature-inspired Movement Exploration

·       Climate Change Freeze Dance

·       Recycling Relay Race

·       Earth Day Flash Mob Choreography

·       Plant Growth Dance Story

·       Future Earth Dance Drama

Students engage in various creative projects envisioning Earth’s future in 2100 and Earth-friendly activities including conducting science fair projects, designing futuristic fashion, imagining future jobs/ future city designs/ inventions, reading environmental books and technology showcases, crafting future Earth artwork, making recycled material creations, and writing future Earth stories, etc.


Subjects: Science, Technology, Ecology, Art, …


Soft Skills: Imagination, Creativity, Storytelling, Teamwork, Problem-solving, literacy skills, …

Guide students in developing comprehensive plans for water resources management, encouraging exploration of renewable energy technologies and sustainable city designs, while also fostering collaboration to envision Earth’s future through time capsules, timelines, documentaries, and simulation games.


Subjects: Science, 3D Design, Ecology, Documentary Studies, …


Soft Skills: Imagination, Creativity, Storytelling, Teamwork, Problem-solving, Data analysis, …

Furthermore, every Friday, students will take part in exceptional extracurricular activities that follow below itinerary.

  • In the first and third weeks: Field trips.
  • In the second and fourth weeks: Workshops.










8:00 – 9:00

Project work

Project work

Project work

Project work

Experiential activities (Fieldtrip/ Visits/ Outdoor activities)

9:00 – 9:15

Break Time

9:15 – 10:15

Project work


Project work


10:15 – 10:30

Break Time

10:30 – 11:30





11:30 – 11:45

Whole School Physical / Teambuilding activities

11:45 – 12:30 

Lunch Break

12:30 – 13:30

Singing & Performing


Singing & Performing

Project work


13:30 – 13:45

Break Time

13:45 – 14:45

Project work

Project work

Project work

Project work


14:45 – 15:05

Whole school Physical / Musical Summer activities

15:05 – 15:20


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