The arts, in all areas and mediums, are spaces for students to express themselves, think and act creatively, work collaboratively, and build new interests. Being active in the arts is healthy and focuses on wellness of the mind and body. While we welcome and encourage students who have experience in these areas and would like to build their expertise, all are welcome whether they have tried it or not in the past.

Theater & Drama Program

Each year, SNA Marianapolis will offer 3 opportunities to develop and perform a work of art on the stage. Comedies, dramas, musicals, improvisation and more will all be explored and experienced. These programs will be performance in nature but also can be participated in through clubs.

Students will have the opportunity to participate in these courses within the school year. The estimated time is:

  • Autumn Term-Drama
  • Winter Term – Comedy
  • Spring Term –  Musical


Whether classical ballet or tap, modern jazz or Latin, there will be many forms of dance taught and performed at SNA Marianapolis. Students will be able to join performance groups or take the stage for solo acts. And the dancing does not end there, you may see a flash mob anywhere on campus

Group activities will be facilitated to build confidence

An SNA Marianapolis International School education begins in the traditional classroom space, but it does not end there. Here, learning continues on athletic fields, across dance floors, and behind camera lenses. At SNA Marianapolis, the Middle and Upper School students must participate in two seasons out of three for extracurricular activities every year. For our elementary students, seasonal participation in group activities will be facilitated to build confidence, promote wellness, and hone interpersonal skills.

The joys of creating by providing safe spaces to explore

SNA Marianapolis helps students discover the joys of creating by providing safe spaces to explore, make mistakes, collaborate, and succeed. From the curious novice to the lifelong learner, the arts program helps develop knowledge, skill, and appreciation within music, dance, and theater.

Stay healthy – mind and body

Many students use extracurricular activities to stay healthy – mind and body. Whether they take center stage in a dramatic production, or find spiritual balance through yoga, students grow in countless ways outside the classroom.