The SNA Marianapolis International School – Bien Hoa Campus has a 9-story residential hall. Sulina Dorm provides 447 beds and has been developed to ensure each boarding student will have a private and comfortable living space. In addition, the Bien Hoa Campus has auxiliary areas (including, but not limited to, common rooms, parent boarding rooms, etc.). The inclusion of these gathering spaces allows the residential participants to feel a part of a community as they live and learn away from home. The specialist house area has 100 beds for SNA MInt. instructors and administrators.

What does all of this infrastructure do? It creates a residential model that is nurturing and warm; the dorm is a “home away from home.” The residential space at SNA Marianapolis is the foundation of a diverse and global residential community unified by an effort to grow, play, and live Marianapolis’ mission. Students develop and explore through structured programs and community activities; the cultural exchanges inherent in living together in a tight-knit residential “family” can foster lifelong connections.

As SNA Marianapolis International builds its own traditions, it will look to the resonant res life experiences of sister school Marianapolis Preparatory School in the U.S.A. For example, MPrep (USA) students engage in “House Cup Challenges.” Their nine house- and hall-style dorms compete in collaborative, enriching contests throughout the school year, such as Iron Chef, Flag Making, Karaoke, Floor Hockey, and more. Each hall event collects points for their “teams” and earns the students celebrations and special group privileges during the fall, winter, and spring. This type of campus play is inherently valuable; boarding school pedagogy helps reinforce the fundamental strengths of community bonds and growth outside of academic pursuits. The specifics of SNA Marianapolis International’s residential curricula will be illustrated here in greater detail as the coming school year approaches.


Bedrooms are well-furnished with bunks, mattresses, pillows, blankets, closets, tables, chairs and refrigerators.

Laundry rooms are for washing and drying students’ daily clothing and bedding and for weekly washing (mattress cover, pillowcase, blankets)

Living room

Spacious modern living rooms are furnished with computers, TV’s, books, magazines, tables, chairs, and couches enabling students to relax and study.

Dining rooms

Spacious dining rooms are for weekend gatherings with friends and teachers or for students to cook what they choose.

Our dorm provides many board games for students such as ping-pong, foosball, chess. Boarding students can also participate in other sports: swimming, badminton, basketball, skip rope, jogging…

It is always difficult for students living away from home, therefore, the SNA boarding house has experienced supervisors for each group of students. Our boarding parents have great knowledge and understanding regarding students’ mental health from all ages to take care and support students.

The boarding house always has a detailed schedule to ensure that all students develop a well-balanced lifestyle between studying and relaxing.