Not only is SNA Marianapolis the first and largest international school in Dong Nai Province, but it is also the second branch of the Marianapolis Preparatory School in the United States. Thus, a diploma from SNA Marianapolis carries distinctive value. 


Authentic American Quality of the Diploma 

The diploma from SNA Marianapolis International School embodies the relentless efforts, perseverance, and determination of students throughout their school years. This not only helps them achieve high scores in international standard exams but also demonstrates their ability to study and research independently. These are essential factors highly regarded and considered during the admissions process at prestigious universities worldwide. 

Moreover, the diploma from SNA Marianapolis is a testament to admirable qualities such as charity, responsibility, and adaptability to international environments. These traits significantly contribute to the personal development and maturity of each student. With this solid foundation, SNA Marianapolis students can confidently enter renowned universities worldwide, ready to face any challenges and become valuable global citizens. 


One Diploma – One Million Opportunities 

The diploma from SNA Marianapolis International School has a special significance as the school is the second branch of Marianapolis Preparatory School in the United States. The seal of both schools on the diploma not only signifies SNA Marianapolis’s commitment to top-tier international education but also reflects that students have genuinely benefited from the school’s educational excellence. 

The academic achievements of these students are recognized and highly valued by prestigious universities in the United States, and are accepted in any country that adopts the American curriculum. This makes their applications stand out, especially when competing with students from various countries, including the host country. 

With outstanding academic performance and notable skills acquired during their studies, SNA Marianapolis graduates have numerous opportunities to receive valuable scholarships from top universities worldwide. These scholarships not only alleviate financial burdens but also serve as a testament to the students’ abilities and efforts. 


The “Ticket” to Join the International Community of Elites 

Thanks to the comprehensive education program and international learning environment at SNA Marianapolis, students develop flexibility and high adaptability. Becoming a student at SNA Marianapolis means becoming an honorary member of the vibrant and strong international student community of Marianapolis Preparatory School, which includes students from nearly 30 countries worldwide. 

With such a foundation and ideal conditions, students not only easily integrate into unfamiliar learning atmospheres and diverse cultures but also have the capability to contribute to and enrich the international student communities at universities. 

Extracurricular activities and community projects that students participate in at school also play a crucial role in their overall development, creating an impressive personal profile. This is particularly important during university admissions, as they consider not only academic achievements but also value students’ skills and life experiences. 

The diploma from SNA Marianapolis International School is not just a certificate of completing the American high school program but also a guarantee of comprehensive development, excellent capabilities, and an international spirit. Unique and distinctive, it serves as a “powerful ticket” that opens the door to top universities worldwide and offers broad career opportunities in the future. 

With comprehensive preparation, high-quality educational programs, and strong support from SNA Marianapolis, students can confidently pursue their dreams and achieve significant success in the future. 


SNA Marianapolis International School – Biên Hòa Campus is the first and leading American boarding school in Đồng Nai, for students aged 6 to 18, offering a globally recognized American High School Diploma. The school offers scholarships of up to 50% and commits to long-term support for students who enroll before July 15, 2024. 

Learn more and join us at snamarianapolis.edu.vn. 

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