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Welcome to SNA Marianapolis

Message from Head of School

Joseph Hanrahan

It has been my privilege to lead Marianapolis Preparatory School into its 95th year, and it is an equal honor to support SNA Marianapolis International School as it begins its very first.

Marianapolis – in America and Vietnam – is synonymous with innovation. Our curriculum is shaped by a commitment to experiential learning, finding inspiration for growth in and out of the classroom. Academic rigor is crucial for students to prepare for higher levels of education and life in a globally connected world. We believe, however, that sophisticated instruction alone is not enough to produce confident, capable graduates.

Marianapolis faculty help young people identify themes across disciplines. They foster collaborative learning through teamwork and interpersonal relationships. Students and teachers alike view scholarship through the lens of Catholicism, recognizing that their greatest lifelong contributions will occur through service to others and a shared humanity. Marianapolis students are intellectuals; they are pioneers; they are athletes, artists, and neighbors. Our students don’t just believe in a more peaceful, just society; they strive to create it.

SNA Marianapolis International School will prepare its students for their role in a dynamic international community. Graduates, while diverse in talent and passion, will be united by their innovative spirit, grit, and character. We believe that the young people with these distinct strengths will cultivate the resources to facilitate meaningful change in their world. And it will be our sincere pleasure to bolster their growth in that pursuit. We look forward to welcoming our foundational class of extraordinary students.

Warm regards,

Joseph Hanrahan

Head of School

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