Faculty – SNA Marianapolis

Nurturing Wisdom with Enthusiastic International Lecturers

Teachers play a critical role in student development. In order for young people to acquire outstanding skills and exemplary values, educators must nurture their passion for learning in and out of the traditional classroom. At SNA Marianapolis International School, our instructors will impart dedication to scholarship while maximizing student potential for growth through extracurricular and community life.

SNA Marianapolis is dedicated to recruiting the most diverse, skilled, and qualified instructors for its campus. Personnel will reflect the values of the program through the model of American independent school education. That is, learning occurs everywhere: in the traditional classroom, on the athletic fields, on stage, at meals, in the dormitory, and beyond. These highly capable educators will ensure every student has opportunity to develop comprehensively, emerging as a global citizen with the poise and potential to make a difference.

Educators recruited to support SNA Marianapolis will be international teachers, vetted by Marianapolis Preparatory School, to ensure the highest quality and commitment to the school’s mission. With superlative qualifications and experience, the SNA Marianapolis faculty will be a landmark example within the marketplace who prioritize experiential education.