Our English as Additional Language (EAL) program seeks to develop English language ability that supports growth in conversational skill and augments learning in content-based classes like math, science and history.

We connect students through associations in the classroom and their personal experiences and seek to make language development visual and fun through things such as word walls, and anchor charts.

Important topics and benchmarks for students in the EAL program include:

  • Language & Content Objectives – both vocabulary but also applying to subjects (content)
  • Visual Practices
  • Student Connections – students’ abilities in English grow fastest when able to relate to and speak about themselves and their world (family, friends, hobbies)
  • Collaboration – nothing is better for language development than using it and practicing. Group work allows for this while also focusing on our core values and Habits of Mind.
  • Activities (Word Walls, Anchor Charts)
  • Vocabulary as a living and growing concept, not a static one.