After two years of evaluation based on numerous stringent criteria, SNA Marianapolis received high praise from NEASC – the New England Association of Schools and Colleges.


Globally Recognized Accreditation

NEASC is globally renowned as the accrediting body for four of the world’s top universities: Yale University, Harvard University, Brown University, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). It is also responsible for accrediting international schools in Southeast Asia that follow American educational standards. Over the past 150 years, NEASC has made ít reputation as an independent, voluntary, nonprofit organization with over 1,500 member schools from more than 90 countries worldwide. In Vietnam, only three international schools have achieved NEASC accreditation. Earning accreditation from NEASC is a testament to exceptional educational quality, outstanding vision, and a school organizational system that meets American standards.

Achieving NEASC accreditation is a testament to top-tier educational quality

Due to the prestigious nature of this certification, NEASC conducts a rigorous accreditation process, involving multiple stages over several years for a school. To achieve full accreditation from NEASC, a school must undergo three key steps: The school conducts self-assessment, ensuring it meets NEASC standards for accreditation consideration. NEASC volunteers and staff evaluate the school and provide recommendations to support future improvements to meet accreditation requirements. The candidate school submits reports and strategic plans based on NEASC feedback. The organization then conducts further evaluations to grant initial accreditation status. Each accredited school must submit annual reports, conduct comprehensive self-assessments, and undergo re-accreditation at least every five years.


A New Step – A New Journey

As the second branch of Marianapolis Preparatory School in the United States, SNA Marianapolis International School not only inherits the nearly 100-year tradition of academic excellence in American education but also strives continuously to provide students with a comprehensive, high-quality international education ecosystem in Dong Nai Province. One of the school’s ongoing efforts is to become an official member of the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) – one of the world’s most prestigious, reputable, and longstanding educational accreditation organizations.

SNA Marianapolis is the first and largest international school in Dong Nai Province

After two years of rigorous accreditation processes, SNA Marianapolis has been granted candidate school status by NEASC, which is a crucial step towards achieving full accreditation from NEASC and marks a new beginning for superior education, where students are maximized in their potential and nurtured to become future leaders – A mission that the school has always pursued.

In December 2022, SNA Marianapolis welcomed the first visit from NEASC accreditation specialists. After two years of relentless efforts to improve educational quality, the school’s hard work paid off in early June when it officially became a NEASC candidate school. This achievement signifies the school’s success in demonstrating its commitment to providing and continuously maintaining the highest international educational standards.

Until SNA Marianapolis attains full NEASC accreditation, the school will continue to prove and undertake numerous innovations to overcome the challenges set by NEASC.

The school accredited by NEASC demonstrates a commitment to meeting international educational standards, creating a distinct advantage for students, increasing their acceptance rates at prestigious universities worldwide, and saving time and costs from the first year of college.


SNA Marianapolis International School – Bien Hoa Campus

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