Like at Marianapolis Prep School in the USA, SNA Marianapolis students will enjoy curricular choices throughout their experience. While a specific number of credits are required within each discipline, we foster choice – among year and semester courses – wherever possible. As a result, students with a particular passion (eg: art, science, etc.) may take more courses within that area to enhance their university profile.

SNA Marianapolis is, by nature, a school with a traditional course of study. While we do offer courses at fundamental levels of instruction, ours is not a curriculum focused on remediated instruction. However, students at SNA Marianapolis may access a wealth of daily resources – from the advisory system to office hours – to ensure the workload and course expectations are manageable.

SNA Marianapolis offers honors classes (advanced for the grade/topic) across the curriculum and will extend Advanced Placement course options (college-level courses) to its upper-level high school students. Admission into these courses are determined by academic history for new students, and faculty recommendation – among other criteria – for current students.

Advanced Placement (AP®) courses are college-level courses offered in almost all academic departments for grades 10, 11, and 12. Classes are taught as the equivalent of courses taken by college freshmen, and students are expected to produce college-level work in the course; that is, work showing greater depth, more sophisticated reasoning and higher creativity than the work in regular courses. Because of the rigors of these classes, students are encouraged not to take more than three AP® courses in a given year. Students are carefully selected for these courses based on recommendations, grades in prerequisite courses, high achievement on testing, among other criteria.

The diploma granted will have joint credentials from Marianapolis (U.S.) and SNA Marianapolis (Vietnam).

Yes; the potency of a dual US-Vietnamese degree will empower graduates to apply to distinguished universities anywhere in the world.


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