SNA Marianapolis International is committed to providing students a top-tier preparatory school education. To stay competitive with the expectations of universities around the globe, MPrep (USA) offers year-round class instruction via the virtual platform for high school students. By prioritizing personalized instruction and immersing students in a blended curricular approach, SNA Marianapolis can equip students with the tools essential for success in an ever-evolving academic climate. Most importantly, the innovative Online Learning Program (OLP) gives students 1:1 access to SNA Marianapolis/Marianapolis Prep faculty, curricula, and live instruction.

Because online literacy is such a vital aspect of SNA Marianapolis’ pedagogy, the program is accessed by one third of MPrep (USA) students in any given year; the same expectation will be fostered at SNA Marianapolis in Vietnam. The Online Learning department has full- and part-time teachers and administration ready to support the needs of its students year-round. Coursework is available in the fall, spring, and summer terms, with opportunities for advancement and enrichment. Some offerings include high-demand traditional courses like United States History; because all online classes feature Marianapolis (USA/Vietnam) curricula and instructors, these courses provide unique perspective on American culture.

Other classes foster a competitive edge for non-native English speakers, with content ranging from Analytical Writing to SAT Preparation. And elective offerings highlight the robust diversity of western education, providing selections in everything from Psychology to Business Management.

Like SNA Marianapolis’ small classes on campus, online courses feature a 1:8 teacher to student ratio. While students may choose to access one or two courses for the immersive experience, the scope of the catalog is sophisticated enough to help online scholars earn diploma distinctions as well.

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