LEAP Week is a one-week mini-term course requirement in March, during which groups of SNA Marianapolis International students and faculty explore a specific topic, project, or adventure. Course offerings typically focus on specialized skills, the arts, community service, scientific field studies, cultural immersion experiences, or outdoor challenges. Curricula are designed around the existing interests of school community members and may also involve off-campus instructors with relevant expertise.

LEAP Week prioritizes learning in the concrete and physical world of action as a complement to learning in the vicarious and conceptual world of most classrooms. SNA Marianapolis International students are encouraged to step beyond customary learning situations and begin a lifelong process of challenging the self to exceed comfortable boundaries.

The program takes SNA Marianapolis students out of the classroom and into broader areas of hands-on exploration, in the company of teachers who model the excitement and joy of lifelong learning. This side-by-side experience stimulates deeper teacher/student relationships that are subsequently transferred back into daily campus life. Since each group focuses on a single goal or endeavor, SNA Marianapolis’ LEAP Week also imparts lessons about group membership and the advantages and responsibilities of interdependence.

To explore the LEAP Week programming that has been a hallmark of Marianapolis’ offerings in the USA, please flip through the catalog below.