As part of the “Tour the School” series, the very first workshop “Awaken the Inner Powers of Your Children”, successfully hosted by the SNA School System took place on March 6th at 5-star Nikko Hotel, Ho Chi Minh City with the aim of providing valuable educational seminars to the wider community. 

During the event, parents and students had the opportunity to experience and have an authentic view of what the SNA system can provide to the students by participating in unique educational activities such as STEM, Robot-controlling booth, virtual reality games in 3D, artistic booth and exhibit area of various fine artworks from SNA System’s students. 

Moreover, in the workshop “Awaken the Inner Powers of Your Children”, parents and students were able to hear useful sharings from reputable experts in the education field and from celebrities, who are also the esteemed parents of the SNA International school system. 

After the workshop, parents and children were also given the opportunity to learn more about the school and received satisfying answers to any related questions through a direct discussion with the school system’s Board of Directors. 

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to the distinguished guests, parents, and students who enthusiastically responded and participated in the “Tour the School” event. 

Sincerely thank the leadership, teachers and staff of the school, the organizers and those who have contributed to the success of this first “Tour the School” event. 

Once again thank you and we hope to see you at our future workshops of the “Tour the School” event, as well as other school-related events. 

Parents and students who were unable to attend this event, please do not worry, because the “Tour the School” event will return in April 2022 in a more unique and enticing version. We hope to continue receiving positive and enthusiastic responses from parents and students.

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