Due to the rapid development of social media and technology, young people today have to constantly confront myriad pressures as they mature. Significant mental and emotional difficulties have been brought about by pressures from family, society, and even within themselves. In this regard, finding a tranquil time for the child’s development has become a source of concern for parents as well as a difficult riddle that top educators across the globe are working to solve.

Along with essential knowledge and skills, students also need a resilient mindset, calm emotions, and good physical health in order to adapt to an ever-changing world and successfully face challenges in the future. This emphasizes the significance of creating and supporting a “well-being” system in schools and emphasizing the “holistic development” of students. Many international schools in Vietnam have started offering courses and other activities aimed at developing their students’ “well-being”. However in terms of all-encompassing care, SNA Marianapolis International School is unique as a trailblazer, offering a top-notch educational setting that supports students’ complete intellectual, emotional, and physical development.


What is Well-being?

A depressing reality of today’s society that stands in stark contrast to the idyllic pictures produced by the media is that school-age children do not always have an abundance of special memories, peace, and carefreeness. According to an in-depth study on worldwide student pressures, up to 45% of high school students who participated in surveys admitted to feeling stressed every day at school, while 61% of teenagers between the ages of 13 and 17 reported feeling pressured about their grades. Surprisingly, even the United States, a nation renowned for its excellent educational system, comes in first place among the countries where the greatest proportion of students are under severe stress.

Students often experience feelings of worry and stress during their academic journey, as they constantly strive to excel and find their desired path. Despite receiving support from family, teachers, and friends, they still feel lost and encounter difficulties in choosing a university or making important decisions for their future. In hopes of alleviating this situation and aiding students in their holistic development, “well-being” has emerged as a breakthrough solution, delivering promising outcomes.

“Well-being” is a concept that describes a state of balance in health between the Physical Body, Mind, and Intellect. These factors play crucial roles in personal development, nurturing positive emotional states and minds to achieve happiness, while also aiding in maintaining comprehensive physical and mental health, along with life satisfaction.

Within the educational setting, this phrase refers to how content and happy students are with everything related to school, including the curriculum, extracurricular activities, school community members, and cultural aspects. Recent years have seen a rise in the use of this term, particularly in the context of international education. It denotes an understanding of the importance of a safe and supportive learning environment as well as a global emphasis on the well-being of students.


Well-being Ecosystem at SNA Marianapolis

By embracing the latest trend and adopting the educational philosophy of “student-centered,” SNA Marianapolis has integrated “well-being” into its activities, and curriculum, viewing it as a metric to assess and ensure each student feels comfortable, joyful, and at peace while studying at the school.

Moreover, students will benefit from an internationally standardized “well-being” ecosystem with modern facilities, appropriate nutrition regimes, diverse extracurricular activities, and specialized psychological counseling support. Additionally, the school emphasizes the development of students’ balance and self-awareness toward the world around them through artistic disciplines such as sculpture, painting, dance, photography, etc.

Students will have the opportunity to enhance their focus, hone their problem-solving skills, foster innovative thinking, and gain recognition from their surrounding community, thereby maturing emotionally and achieving greater mental stability. This approach also serves as an excellent method to rejuvenate mental equilibrium in a relaxing and unique manner, specifically only at SNA Marianapolis.

A noteworthy advantage of SNA Marianapolis’ “well-being” ecology for students’ holistic development is their deep comprehension of who they are and how to control their emotions in a variety of contexts. Students can develop self-care techniques, problem-solving skills, and confidence through this, enabling them to overcome obstacles in their future academic pursuits overseas.


A Taste of the International Standard “Well-being” System

In addition to experiencing and benefiting from SNA Marianapolis’ globally recognized well-being system, students who enroll there will also gather and absorb valuable life lessons and spread virtues throughout the community.

From their time as SNA Marianapolis students, they will have the experiences necessary to deal with life’s ups and downs and to build a strong basis for their long-term success and contentment. Thus, the “well-being” ecosystem at SNA Marianapolis represents not only a distinct edge but also the school’s long-term dedication to the growth and fulfillment of its learners.

With the subject of “Balanced Awakening,” we cordially invite all parents and children to participate in this largest event of the March to get the most authentic and visual glimpses of the ecosystem supporting well-being. In addition to having the unique chance to win scholarships worth up to 50%, participants will have the opportunity to speak directly with the school board and knowledgeable specialists in education.

For more detailed information, please kindly get in touch with our Admissions Team via the hotline at 0932 083 886 or via email at info@snamarianapolis.edu.vn.

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