During the recent Global Round of the World Scholar’s Cup competition held in late August, five students from SNA Marianapolis International School had a remarkable intellectual journey with impressive achievements. Their relentless efforts and remarkable accomplishments have become a source of inspiration for the learning community at SNA Marianapolis and Bien Hoa City as a whole. Although they were all young scholars participating in a large-scale and international arena like the World Scholar’s Cup for the first time, the students demonstrated confidence, courage, and teamwork—a valuable trait of a Golden Knight at SNA Marianapolis. They achieved high rankings in various categories and earned 11 Gold and Silver medals.

When explaining their reasons for participating in the competition, the students also shared about the serendipitous encounters that began with a teacher named Darren Carter and a fellow student named Nguyen Hoang Khanh Ngoc (Nicky). These individuals served as motivators and encouragers, inspiring the students to step out of their comfort zones, challenge themselves, and explore new horizons of knowledge. Among the four main events of the World Scholar’s Cup, including Team Debate, Scholar’s Bowl, Collaborative Writing, and Scholar’s Challenge, the students faced difficulties during the Scholar’s Bowl section. This round not only required them to have a strong English mindset but also demanded teamwork, time management skills, and knowledge about the world around them. However, through their excellent coordination, eloquent arguments, and exceptional talents, they overcame the challenging obstacles and achieved outstanding results.

From the Regional Round held in Hanoi to the Global Round organized in Thailand, the support and guidance of the teachers in the school were crucial factors that helped the students become more confident and give their all in each challenging round. As Nhu Y shared, “I am extremely grateful to Ms. Phuong Anh for accompanying us on this journey. She helped me stay calm and confident before each competition round.”

The unforgettable memories in Thailand, the intense nights of study before the competition day, and the emotions when hearing the names of team members being announced have become special bonds that strengthened the connection between the teachers and students. When asked about the secrets behind their excellent achievements in the competition, all five students comfortably and modestly shared, “Always maintain composure, have a confident mindset, carry a spirit of learning, and embrace and seize every opportunity that comes your way.”

The journey of the SNA Marianapolis students at the World Scholar’s Cup is far from over, and it promises to open new chapters as Anh Thu and Gia Huy continue to compete in the Global Tournament of Champions in November at Yale University, the most prestigious institution in the world. They will undoubtedly have unforgettable experiences on their educational path.

We strongly believed that the remarkable achievements at the World Scholar’s Cup, along with the valuable knowledge and learning experiences at SNA Marianapolis International School, will serve as invaluable assets, bringing the students closer to their dreams and enabling them to become talented future leaders contributing to the development of the country and the progress of humanity.


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