The Final Round of Knights Of Excellence 15.07.2022

First and foremost, we would like to send our congratulations to the 9 contestants who advanced to the Final round of Knights Of Excellence held by the SNA Marianapolis International School – Bien Hoa Campus.  

It is anticipated that the Final Round of Knights of Excellence contest this coming July 15th will deliver outstanding performances, remarkable moments, and unforgettable experiences thanks to all of the enthusiasm, effort, and extraordinary abilities that the contestants possess. 

Here are the crucial details and guidelines for the Final Round of Knights Of Excellence. 


Critical Thinking  


The Final Round Of Knights Of Excellence is divided into 2 parts: 

Part 1: Performances 

  • Each contestants will have exactly 3 minutes to conduct a performance followed the announced topic with all the judges of the final round.  
  • Performance can be eloquence, dancing, singing, drama, storytelling, poetry reading, painting. other artistic talents on stage, …  
  •  It will be advantageous to perform by English. 

Part 2: Interview 

  • Each contestant answers questions that are randomly drawn.  
  • Each contestant has 90 seconds to answer the question.  
  • Top 6 contestants answer to 6 random questions in order of their number.  
  • There is total 6 questions: 3 questions from judges and the rest is  from 3 questions sent earlier to our school by netizen. 


  • Each test is scored from 1 to 5 by judges. 
  • Contestants clearly grasp and perform appropriately according to the given topic provided by the organizers. English is preferrable.  
  • The content of the performance is highly appreciated by judges in terms of academics and creativity.  
  • Each performance is scored by all judges from 1 to 5 and the final score will be the average of all the judges.  
  • After final performances of Top 9 contestants, Top 6 with the highest average score from all judges will be selected into the Interview section.  
  • After the Q&A session, the judges will discuss and rank TOP 6 as 1 Gold Prize, 2 Sliver Prize, 3 Bronze Prize and 3 Grit Prize. 


Welcome Guest: 2 pm | July 15th, 2022 

Venue: SNA Marianapolis International School – Bien Hoa Campus 




Scholarship 100% tuition fee of an academic year 



Scholarship 75% tuition fee of an academic year 



Scholarship 50% tuition fee of an academic year 



Scholarship 25% tuition fee of an academic year 


Note: Prizes cannot be redeemed for cash and carry no actual cash value. 

Additionally, in order for the performances during the event to run smoothly and effectively, we urge the contestants to book rehearsals by following the link below   

  • Rehearsal Schedule on July 14th, 2022Click here
  • Rehearsal Schedule on July 15th, 2022 (Only for contestants from outside Bien Hoa City)Click here

Dear contestants, please follow our Fanpage and Website to get the crucial and up-to-date news about the Final Round of Knights Of Excellence.  

We wish you all the best of luck and deliver amazing performances at the event. 

Goodbye for now and See you in The Final Round of Knights Of Excellence! 

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