Studying abroad has always been a topic of considerable interest for many parents and students since its heyday in 1997–1998. The fact that it offers students enormous advantages and chances that could change their lives has kept this desire strong today.

Vietnam has become one of the top ASEAN nations with nearly 30,000 students studying at different educational levels in the United States, according to recent announcements from the U.S. Consulate General. However, the breakthrough development in the field of science and technology has helped blur the geographical distance, creating new forms of studying abroad. Students no longer need to wait until university to study abroad. Instead, they can “study abroad in place” right from elementary school. Currently, one of the prominent names in the country that gains many parents’ trust is the SNA Marianapolis International School.

Studying abroad in place significantly alleviates parents’ anxieties and concerns when sending their young children overseas, sparing them from pondering over issues such as the appropriate age for children to study abroad, what preparations should be made before their departure, and how to manage their finances adequately, … SNA Marianapolis International School has successfully addressed the majority of the aforementioned concerns with below outstanding advantages.


1. Cost Savings

This has always been one of the primary concerns for many parents when sending their children to study abroad. Studying in developed countries in general, and in the United States in particular, is often known to be very expensive, with high living costs and significantly higher tuition fees compared to studying domestically, not to mention other living expenses. Especially in the current economic climate, financial investment in children’s education for studying abroad needs to be carefully considered more than ever before.

The average high school tuition fees in the United States range from $20,000 to $50,000 per year, along with living expenses ranging from $10,000 to $20,000 per year, pushing the total annual cost for a US student to around 700 million to over 2 billion Vietnamese dong. As one of the effective financial solutions for sustainable education investment for children, “study abroad in place” at SNA Marianapolis has much more “reasonable” costs, helping parents optimize fees while still allowing their children to fully enjoy the essence of the American education.


2. Cultural Assimilation

Students who study overseas at an early age may feel under pressure to adapt to a new environment and accept different cultures. Learning the local language and culture is not enough for students to have a productive study abroad experience; they also need to be skilled in the specialized English language. Insights from USIS Education indicate that American society places a strong emphasis on individualism and independence in business, education, and daily life—a huge contrast to the community-oriented cultures that have long flourished in Asia.

Taking this into consideration, SNA Marianapolis offers its students a multicultural setting with educators and learners hailing from all over the world. This environment helps students gain a thorough understanding of different cultures and enhances their proficiency in English, from everyday communication to local dialects and specialized knowledge.


3. The Exposure to The Essence of American Education

Concerns over the caliber of education offered by foreign schools in Vietnam are frequently raised by parents. Since SNA Marianapolis School is recognized as the second branch of Marianapolis Preparatory School, USA in Vietnam, these concerns are virtually nonexistent. The school provides students with access to both a dynamic international student community made up of students from 11 different nations across the world and an education program that follows American standards.

The presence of an international teaching faculty at SNA Marianapolis is another crucial element that makes the educational experience here akin to studying abroad. Each teacher has international qualifications, is highly qualified, and is capable of instructing students utilizing the American curriculum. Additionally, they have a wealth of experience in efficiently fostering learning and imparting knowledge.


4. Personality Traits and Sustainable Development

Many parents think that sending their children to study abroad at an early age will make it easier for them to pick up knowledge and adjust to a new environment faster. Contrary to the rosy picture that the media frequently presents, children may find themselves overwhelmed by the cultural differences, lifestyles, and beliefs in a foreign country.

This is a common experience for what The New York Times refers to as the “parachute generation” – children who live and study in a foreign country from a young age instead of waiting until university or later.

 “Studying abroad in place” at SNA Marianapolis strikes a balance between exposing and absorbing the diversity of cultures around the world while also helping students recognize, respect, and preserve their country’s traditional beauty.  In the midst of globalization and worldwide integration, we consistently exhort students to foster open-mindedness in order to “integrate without assimilate”.


5. Accompanying The Child on The Journey to Adulthood

In addition to the advantages mentioned above, studying abroad in place at SNA Marianapolis also helps create opportunities for parents to participate and accompany their children on the academic journey, which develops stronger and more meaningful connections. Parents are not only spiritual advisers but also sources of encouragement and support for their children in all aspects of school life. Studying abroad in place is not only the child’s adventure but also an opportunity for parents to witness their child’s growth every day through new lessons and experiences in life.

When children attend school near families, both parents and children will experience a greater sense of safety and self-assurance. Through the stories students tell about their experiences in school, they can readily express their thoughts and feelings and find empathy and understanding.

SNA Marianapolis also offers a luxurious, contemporary 9-story dorm with nearly 450 fully furnished rooms for students studying far from home. This allows students to have a rich boarding experience, develop positive habits and qualities, and especially get ready for a vibrant life as an international student by developing independence, time management skills, self-care skills, and other crucial life skills.

Whether from middle school or even elementary school, studying abroad in place at SNA Marianapolis is a crucial initial step toward students’ long-term learning and development objectives. It enables them to have access to top-notch curricula at home while getting the close support of their families and the school community.


For the new academic year 2024-2025, SNA Marianapolis International School is now offering scholarships of up to 50% for a limited number of early applicants. Please kindly get in touch with our Admissions Team via the hotline at 0932 083 886 or via email at info@snamarianapolis.edu.vn for dedicated support and advice.


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