James Reede

Mr. James Reede is an experienced international educator with a passion for Mathematics education. He held two Bachelor’s degrees in Mathematics and Mathematics Education and a Master’s in Educational Technology. In 2020, he proudly earned his Educational Specialist credentials in Educational Leadership, solidifying his commitment to advancing education.

Over the past two decades, Mr. James has dedicated himself to teaching students various Mathematics courses, honing his skills and fostering a dynamic learning environment in the classroom. His breadth and depth in the sector also show in the diverse countries that seven years of international teaching has brought him to: Dubai, Kuwait, and presently Vietnam. At SNA Marianapolis, Mr. James is teaching Integrated Math (Grade 9) and Algebra (Grade 11) as well as leading the Chess and SAT Preparation CCAs.


A Global Teaching Experience

Having spent his formative years growing up abroad in Singapore, Mr. James developed an enduring love for exploring different cultures and perspectives. This early exposure to the richness of diverse societies ignited a passion for international experiences that has remained a cornerstone of his life. As an international educator, he finds immense joy in not only teaching but also serving as a representative ambassador of his home country – America. This unique opportunity allows him to bridge cultures and foster understanding, creating a global learning environment that goes beyond the confines of a classroom. The freedom inherent in international teaching enables him to continue his journey of cultural exploration while contributing to the global community and nurturing the next generation of global citizens.

The dynamic in Mr. James’ 11th Grade Algebra classroom

The proof of Mr. James’ extensive global outreach lies in his experience with students from over 70 different countries so far. Such scope and impact surely will not rest, as he is continuously inspired by the diverse cultural backgrounds of his students, including those in his current academic journey in Vietnam


Constructive Teaching and Transferable Skills

11th Grade students working on Flip – a video submission platform, for their Algebra project assignment

In Mr. James’ teaching approach, he is steadfast in adhering to constructivist principles, recognizing the importance of active engagement and student-centered learning. Embracing the philosophy that learning is a dynamic, interactive process, he strives to create an environment where students construct their own knowledge through exploration and collaboration.

Mr. James introduces Mathematical terms through the use of Word Wall in the classroom to keep students constantly immersed.

One key method through which he implements these principles is through the incorporation of project-based learning. Recently, he introduced engaging and interdisciplinary projects that bridge the realms of Mathematics and physics. One such project was the Egg Drop Contest, a creative endeavor where 11th grade students designed contraptions ensuring the safe landing of an egg dropped from the school’s 7th floor. This activity seamlessly integrated Mathematical concepts into the Physics of the free fall, offering students a holistic understanding of both subjects.

The Egg Drop made use of the campus’s unique design and drew the attention and excitement of all Secondary students

Additionally, 9th graders recently embarked on an exhilarating Zip Line Challenge, where they explored Mathematical principles to formulate equations governing the motion of a vehicle traversing a zipline. This hands-on project not only brought Mathematical concepts to life but also emphasized the practical applications of theoretical knowledge. Through these interdisciplinary initiatives, students not only strengthened their grasp of Mathematical and Physical principles but also cultivated critical thinking, collaboration, and problem-solving skills in a real-world context. Such dynamic and enriching learning experience traverses well beyond the classroom’s walls.


Fortitudine Vincimus – Through Endurance, We Prevail

When communicating with Mr. James Reede, one cannot miss the Latin phrase in his signature: “Fortitudine Vincimus,” which translates into “Through Endurance, We Prevail.” The powerful motto, according to Mr. James’s, derived from Ernest Shackleton’s legendary Antarctic exploration and becomes a principal source of inspiration for his professional and personal growth.

Mr. James leads his class with endurance and persistence

The idea resonates deeply with his teaching philosophy that “the journey of mastering Mathematics often requires endurance and persistence.” As such, he constantly encourages his students to adopt a similar mindset, emphasizing that through sustained efforts and resilience, they can overcome challenges and prevail in their own Mathematical endeavors. Personally, he has applied this principle to his own learning journey in Mathematics. The phrase has become a beacon of light, reminding him to persevere through complex problems and embrace the learning process with resilience.


The Backbone of University Preparation

The joy from Mr. James as he teaches and guides students through academic endeavors

As the SNA Marianapolis school continues to consolidate and expand the High school curriculum and the University preparation program, teachers like Mr. James have been the backbone of our strength and vision. Besides being an exceptional Math teacher, he is also dedicated to teaching an SAT Preparation course as a Co-Curricular Activity where he delivers effective strategies to conquer this renownedly challenging test.

This is something he has been trying to maintain the past few years as he understands the global significance of standardized tests like the SAT for international students in the university application process. As an Advanced Placement (AP) Educator, his alignment with CollegeBoard ® further reinforces his commitment to preparing students for standardized tests. He finds immense fulfilment in guiding students through the intricacies of these assessments, not only enhancing their scores but also deepening their understanding of the underlying concepts.

Mr. James helps students navigate not only classroom problems but also real world challenges


A Seasoned Teacher Aiming to Make Lasting Impacts

Mr. James makes sure no student is left behind in his teaching journey

The above is only a glimpse of what a seasoned teacher like Mr. James have been devoting to for the past decades. It has been a gruelling but rewarding journey of fostering a positive and inclusive learning environment and making lasting impacts in Mathematics and Education, but with endurance, Mr. James surely prevails.


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