World Scholar’s Cup (WSC) is a prestigious international academic competition for students from all countries around the world. The competition is designed to test students’ skills and knowledge on various topics, including Science – Technology, History, Literature, Music & Arts and Society. Students participating in WSC will be able to perform their academic talents and can meet and make friends with peers from all over the world.

Quote from “Letter from the Founder” of The World Scholar’s Cup, Mr. Daniel Berdichevsky:

“In designing the World Scholar’s Cup, my team and I have always kept something similar in mind: to design a program we wish we could have attended when we were students.

That’s why the World Scholar’s Cup may look like a competition, but isn’t one at all. It’s a celebration of learning..”

The WSC consists of four main contests: Team Debate, Scholar’s Bowl, Collaborative Writing and Scholar Challenge. The winners of each regional round are not only recognized as global scholars, but also can compete in the prestigious Tournament of Champions held at the Yale University, USA in November this year, 2023.

This year, we cannot hide our pride that the students of SNA Marianapolis International School – Bien Hoa Campus were very brave and confident when registering to participate in this big international competition to achieve outstanding results:


Nguyen Anh Thu (Anna)

Vu Gia Bao (Tony)

Đang Tuong Gia Huy (Tom)


Đang Tuong Gia Huy (Tom)

Nguyen Anh Thu (Anna)

Nguyen Thi Nhu Y (Lia)

ASIMOV AWARD Gold Medal Nguyen Bao Thy (Tina)
TEAM DEBATE Silver Medal

Nguyen Anh Thu (Anna)

Đang Tuong Gia Huy (Tom)


Nguyen Anh Thu (Anna)

Đang Tuong Gia Huy (Tom)


Especially, 2 students from SNA Marianapolis will participate in the Tournament of Champions taking place in November 2023 at Yale University, USA:

  • Scholar Nguyen Anh Thu (Anna)
  • Scholar Dang Tuong Gia Huy (Tom).

Go Knights! (Familiar slogan of students at SNA Marianapolis International School – Bien Hoa Campus)

Contributing the tradition of academic excellence at our school, all our students participated in WSC have not only gained world-class status but also excelled in their academic endeavors. The story will go on with the two students, Anh Thu and Gia Huy, who will continue to compete in the Tournament of Champions in November of this year, 2023, at a university with more than 321 years of history, Yale University (established in 1701).

It is an honor for SNA Marianapolis International School in this year to be a little part of the many wonderful stories of outstanding Vietnamese students who achieved high ranking in the international contests which were written year after year.


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