As another Mid-Autumn Festival approaches, the second year that the Golden Knights community at SNA Marianapolis International School has come together to welcome a warm and joyous Moon Festival, honoring the rich traditional Vietnamese beauty that encompasses not only family but also the cultural heritage preserved through generations, is now upon us. Additionally, it is an exceptional opportunity for students to fully comprehend and appreciate how traditional cultural values and modernity interact inside one of Vietnam’s enduring celebrations.  

With the theme “Moon Knights,” this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival at SNA Marianapolis promises to provide memorable experiences and unforgettable moments for all members of the school community through a series of captivating activities that have been meticulously planned and invested in both content and presentation. These activities include: 

  • Pajama Day Fundraiser 
  • Traditional Ao Dai Day
  • Lion Dance
  • Lantern Parade 
  • Charity Drive 

And much more. 

The activities will take place from September 22nd to September 29th, 2023, within the premises of SNA Marianapolis. 

Join us as we spread a Mid-Autumn Festival brimming with love and the importance of being kind and compassionate!