A Fright Knight – A spooky Halloween with the Golden Knights 

The very first Halloween event at the SNA Marianapolis  

This October, at SNA Marianapolis International school, the Golden Knights community will gather to welcome a thrilling, mysterious, and trendy Halloween season. While participating in various rich and unique activities organized by the school, the Golden Knights will be multi-sensory activated and gain extremely unique and unforgettable experiences. 

This is also the first Halloween festival that SNA Marianapolis students will be able to attend in person on the school’s campus. This spectacular event will provide opportunities for the Golden Knights to exploit and practice soft skills, as well as provide opportunities for them to make more precious memories with friends and teachers. 


From October 10th to October 24th, 2022, elementary and middle school students will participate in a class-based group activity called “Go Green for Halloween” to raise environmental awareness while also training and expressing their own creativity. Each class will use recycled materials to decorate their classroom. The winner will earn House Points and valuable rewards from the school. The results will be announced on Halloween night, October 31st 

In addition, to welcome the festive season, which occurs only once a year, another very special program will be also held on October 31st for all Golden Knights and will be spread across campus. On this day, various interesting and notable events will take place and leave unforgettable moments.  

Let us look forward to this Halloween season and not miss out on these fantastic activities coming up in the near future. Go, Knights! 

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