After more than 3 months, the “Knights of Excellence” contest – The biggest contest organized by SNA Marianapolis this summer is officially closed. On July 15th, the Finale of the contest was held, including 9 outstanding contestants from various localities. 

On this very special day, the contestants also got the chance to shine on stage and win recognition and admiration from the school’s formidable panel of judges as well as from the spectators. 

Here are the outcomes of the Final Round of the “Knights of Excellence” contest | 15.07.2022: 

  • First Prize: Contestant Nguyen Tan Dan Mach No. 03 
  • Second Prizes: Contestant Mai Quoc Thai No. 21 & contestant Bui Khanh Linh No.20 
  • Third Prizes: Contestant Nguyen Phan Thuy Mai No. 02 & contestant Chan Quoc An No.08 
  • Grit Prizes: Contestant Do Phan Thao Ngan No. 15 & contestant Nguyen Hoang Bao Chau No. 24 & contestant Mai Thuy Truc Linh No. 25 

Congratulations to all 9 outstanding contestants who have successfully finished all 3 rounds and excelled in the contest “Knights of Excellence”. 

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