Be A Part of SNA Marianapolis

  • SNA Marianapolis – Bien Hoa Campus is pleased to introduce the ” Be A Part of SNA Marianapolis” program for the 2023-2024 academic year, which is valid only when successfully referring to new students. 
  • This program aims to build a strong international learning community and express deep gratitude to parents and other members who have been accompanying the school throughout the past academic year. 

Eligible Participants

For any student (whose information is not available in SNA Marianapolis’s current data system) that is referred by the Parents and other members of the school and successfully enrolls at SNA Marianapolis in 2023-2024, we will offer a Referral fee as our appreciation towards your trust and love for the school. 


Special Offers

30,000,000 VND


20,000,000 VND


Contact Information 

Parents and other members of the school who have relatives and friends want to find an international learning environment, please share your information with the Admissions Office for support and advice.