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Thematic Learning

Joseph Hanrahan

Thematic learning is an integral part of the SNA Marianapolis experience. The Head of School selects a topical focus for study annually, allowing teachers, students, and members of the extended community to explore a shared vision for growth. The text from Mr. Hanrahan’s introduction of the 2020-2021 school year for Marianapolis (USA) is below. As the start of the 2021-22 school year approaches at SNA Marianapolis International, the theme for the year will be shared with the pioneering group of new scholars and faculty.

“Every Marianapolis school year in nearly a century has fostered a similar swirl of sentiment: anticipation, zeal, and a healthy dose of apprehension. While it’s common to consider one’s place in time to be significant, I am humbled that the year ahead is of superlative historical consequence. Simply, and extraordinarily, no new school year has ever been like this one.

Traditionally, we have begun in September with a theme;  2019-2020 focused on “Planet Earth” and the protection and conservation of all living things. When I considered a theme to guide us in the months ahead, I felt it imperative that we meet this moment. Yet, the sum of global considerations can be truly overwhelming. How can I, how can we, do our part? Ultimately, I have found great comfort in our Catholic faith, and the values that unite Marianapolis students’ many faith expressions. Every one of us has a duty to self and community, following the principles that propel us along our path. We are called to be responsible stewards of the planet; we are called to show mercy to those hindered by misfortune; we are called to embrace a commitment to selflessness and service. We are called to unite, to act, to speak up, to lead. Our theme, We Are Called, will remind us that the year ahead is unlike any other; so, too, is our courage to navigate it. 

I invite you to explore the many initiatives under the umbrella of our theme below. These strides are the first of many to elevate the 2020-21 school year towards our most innovative and inclusive curricular approach to date. We are excited to continue exploring these and other vital frontiers. It is a privilege to begin the new year with you all.”

-Joseph Hanrahan, Marianapolis Preparatory School, Head of School  |  August 2020 

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