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How might we prepare students for success in the 21st century? At SNA Marianapolis we are focused on providing the best educational learning outcomes to students. With a focus on deep learning, transfer of knowledge, and visible learning we are developing a way of thinking and reasoning that emphasizes skill development. Partnered with leading education publishers including Sadlier, Pearson, and McGraw-Hill our students have access to the highest quality instructional resources to date, allowing our teachers to create a world class curriculum designed with The Habits of mind, experiential learning, and purposeful learning outcomes.

Using the Understanding by Design (UbD) framework our teachers provide units of instruction that allow students to dive deeper into the inquiry process. This curriculum framework is predicated on teaching transferable concepts and skills through authentic learning opportunities. Together we work with students and parents to provide an ongoing reflective process helping students understand their role in learning. Here at SNA, we are committed to building an educational program that fosters a growth mindset, builds character, and provides guidance for an ever changing world.

This Program of Studies handbook is designed to give parents and students a better understanding of an SNA education.

Our mission

The mission of Marianapolis Preparatory School is to educate students in the college preparatory tradition of academic excellence with a commitment to an active faith in humanity and a dedication to building character with content, compassion, and integrity.



Students will demonstrate an understanding of the fundamental content knowledge, enduring understandings, essential questions, and intellectual processes of the academic disciplines. Students will demonstrate sufficient content mastery to provide a foundation for active lifelong learning and for educated and effective global citizenship.



Students will demonstrate an understanding of the importance of effective written and oral communication skills related to the transmission of knowledge and information, the support of human relationships, the practices of community building, and the facilitation of human creativity and innovation.




Students will demonstrate an understanding of the importance of the processes of critical thinking, including planning, decision making, comparing and contrasting, summarizing, judging, analyzing, evaluating, synthesizing, and predicting outcomes.



Students will demonstrate an understanding of creativity in perception, thought, and expression as essential for higher-level learning and develop the skills of creative problem solving through their perception, thinking, and creative expression.



Students will demonstrate an understanding that individual actions occur in the context of local as well as global communities and will develop the skills needed to engage in, to build, and to support community, through the active practice of habits of teamwork, sportsmanship, citizenship, tolerance, empathy, respect, and civility.




Students will demonstrate an understanding of intrapersonal and interpersonal attributes such as honesty, integrity, self-knowledge, and respect in relationships, as well as the skills of self-advocacy, curiosity towards learning, ethical and moral decision making, self-confidence, persistence, and resilience as the foundation for lifelong learning, personal success, and service.




Students will demonstrate an understanding of the interrelatedness of skills and knowledge transferable among disciplines as essential for higher-level learning. Students will be encouraged to reach for connections that have immediate relevance to their lives and will be expected to embrace and explore connections to the wider community and the world.

Vision Mission 1
Vision Mission 1

Habits of mind

At SNA Marianapolis we have developed our curriculum with a focus on Habits of Mind, defined as patterns of behavior that leads to a set of valued dispositions. In traditional education settings answers are the focus; however, our teachers are interested in how students produce knowledge when they are faced with problems to which the answers are not immediately known.

The SNA curriculum fosters the development of Habits of Mind to cultivate these behaviors, so they are more capable of success at a higher level. We believe the following are the 6 Habits of Mind with the greatest impact on student outcomes.



Intentional actions taken to achieve a goal



Taking part in activities, putting forth your best effort



Asks questions to fill the gaps between what is known and unknown



Comprehensive gathering of materials to solve a problem



The ability to speak for oneself, make choices and decisions that affect your life.



Remains focused, seeing tasks through to completion


Overview – Primary Years Programme



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