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Values-Based Education

Life of the Marianapolis community

Our approach to education includes probative consideration of faith expressions from around the world. Each course challenges students to understand and deepen their value systems, enhancing the spiritual and moral life of the Marianapolis community as a whole.

Vision Mission 1
Vision Mission 1

Education underscores each of these responsibilities

Education through this lens allows students to consider their personal accountability and debt of service to the global community. To shed light on the needs of every individual; to protect and defend the dignity of the marginalized or vulnerable; to seek peace, justice, and unity through shared humanity – SNA Marianapolis education underscores each of these responsibilities. While non-denominational education similarly emphasizes values, our curriculum highlights active versus passive engagement; we nurture the conscious effort to find common ground in an increasingly turbulent world.

Fostering opportunities for growth

Following in the tradition of MPrep (USA), Catholic education has a reputation for being “strict,” although in practice, this is better described as “structure” and “rigor.” SNA Marianapolis takes no part of the day for granted; learning occurs in and out of the traditional classroom. Our instructors, coaches, and house parents embrace the opportunity to infuse the student experience with meaning, fostering opportunities for growth as well as imparting a sense of self-discipline to each child.

Vision Mission 1
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