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Find Your Best Self

Welcome to SNA Marianapolis! On behalf of our community, I am thrilled to have you exploring our tremendous programs and experiences here.

It has been inspirational to watch our campus, curriculum and community grow. To be able to realize our mission and vision and bring an international school experience to Bien Hoa and Dong Nai is nothing short of astounding.
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A SNA Marianapolis student is a compassionate one. They are curious, motivated, enthusiastic, willing and wanting to try new things, and so much more. Golden Knights find their voices, build confidence, develop independence, and become the best version of themselves. While scholars are molded here, children and young adults become strong community members, leaders, and global citizens.
We are so very excited to have you engage with us, learn about our community and programs, and consider SNA Marianapolis. Join us on campus for a tour, observing classes, an event, or just a conversation.

We will speak with you soon. Go Knights!
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