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A Solid Education Foundation for Future Leaders

Curriculum has been developed collaboratively between International Schools of North America and Marianapolis Preparatory School, which is located in the United States. A degree from SNA Marianapolis International will be recognized for superlative educational standards of American independent school, applied abroad. SNA MInt. is committed to fostering a community of pioneers with academic prowess, interpersonal empathy, and a values-based approach to global service. Graduates will be prepared to impact the global landscape for generations to come.

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Academic, residential, and extracurricular protocols will be designed and implemented based on the successful American independent school tradition from Marianapolis Preparatory School (U.S.). Focal points of character, integrity, and compassion will allow matriculants to succeed not only at SNA Marianapolis, but also at the next levels of education in the United States or throughout the world. The rigorous experiential learning program at the SNA Marianapolis – Bien Hoa Campus will place it among the most cutting-edge international schools worldwide.

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